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Smithi's Story

This story was written by Smithi.

It was sunny, warm and dry I was relaxing as the cool wind blew across my face to cool me down from the crazy heat. I then felt something, a strange energy but only for one second. It confused me so I turned round then I felt a new signal from behind. Whoever they are they did not mean for me to realise.

Then it happened like a speeding bullet the first energy signature barrelled towards me and barraged me with punches and kicks. Felt every blow harder every time I began to think it would never end. I got punched I the cheek , kicked in the stomach , kneed in the face and elbowed in the nose this sent me flying backwards into the waiting fist of the other energy signal.

I felt a sharp pain and realised what I thought was a fist was a sword these were saiyens now I knew I was doomed against superior fire power and tactics. I laid there on the floor bleeding from my with a saiyen blade through my back and my stomach. I knew it was burning hot but I felt cold all my nerves were going haywire. Is this it? Am I dying? Where will I go? These were my last thoughts as I heard vicious laughter that repulsed me even in my death.

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