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How to Join

The first step in the joining process is to go to the Join the RPG (make sure you read the "Join the RPG" page entirely) page and submit a join form.

After you have done this, you will recieve an email from Mado asking you to simply email him back, just to make sure you used a valid email address when submitting your join form.

Once the previous step is completed, your character's stat page will be created, and you will recieve one more email from Mado letting you know this has been done, and that you should expect an email from your ref within 24 hours starting your character off on his/her journey. To log into your character's stat page, go here. For the "Character's Name" text box, type in your character's name. For the "Password" text box, type in the password you submitted in your join form submission. This page is not only crucial for you to log into for your character's stats, but it will also enable you to self train your character (all races except Absorb Androids have this option) or have your character meditate (only Nameks have the meditate option). It also allows you to heal your character if you have any Sensu Beans. For a detailed description of the Auto-Updating System™, go here.

If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of sending in your join form, then Contact Me and let me know. Planet Mado is a very fun Dragonball Z based role-playing game, and we hope you enjoy playing. Follow these simple steps, and you will be on your way to immersing yourself in the most unique and fun Dragonball Z role-playing game on the internet.

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