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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the refs get a lot of questions about different rules in the rpg, I decided to make a FAQ so hopefully we won't get so many questions.

Question: If I get into a fight, can I just not get online to do the fight until I get a Devil's Star or full moon (for Oozaru)?

Absolutely not. This is as close to cheating as anything I can think of in Planet Mado. Once the first attack is made, time is "frozen" (as much as possible, anyway). If you want to stall the fight until you can get one of these transformations, then you need to actually stall in the fight, not by just avoiding it by not getting online to do it over chat. Fly or run away, and hope your opponent follows you. If they keep following you until the day you get your transformation, then that's fair.

Question: What happens if I'm doing a fight over email, and a day or more after it starts I want my friends to help, can I have them come find me?

No, again, the fight is taking place the day the first attack was made. Unless your friend(s) know how to get to you instantly, they cannot help you.

Question: What moves do I know?

Log-in to your member page and look under the section that says "Moves", those are the moves you currenlty know.

Question: Do I have to rest for three days or three turns to be fully healed?

Like it says in the rules, three days not three turns.

Question: How long is three turns?

One day.

Question: If I rest for two days do I get two-thirds of my power level healed?

No, you have to rest for three days straight.

Question: Why don't you do this rpg over chat or AOL Instant Messenger?

Not everyone has AOL Instant Messenger and not every one is on the same time as the refs. However, if you do see your ref online, feel free to message him as he may allow you to do a fight and/or a few updates over chat, but we want to keep the majority of the game done through emails.

Question: Why can't I do *insert move name here*?

Your power level is too low, remember, there is a set amount of power level for each move.

Question: How do I become a Super Saiyan?

Becoming a Super Saiyan is just like any other move in this rpg - you have to figure it out on your own, only with Super Saiyan, no one can teach it to you.

Question: Can I end my ki channel early?

Yes, and it doesn't take up a turn. However, it has to be done AFTER your action for that turn. Meaning, you can attack (or do something else) that turn, then end your ki channel.

Question: Can I use a Sensu Bean while ki channeled?

Yes, but the same rules for ki channeling still apply. Meaning, after your five turns of ki channel are up, you back to half of what your powerlevel was right before you channeled..

Question: Can you please make me a layout?

No, as you can see, I don't have a section called 'Services' or anything like that. I just don't have enough time to make everyone a layout.

Question: It's been over a week since I joined, and I'm still not added yet, whats going on?

One of many things may have happened. The first thing you should do is check your email account's spam folder to make sure you don't have any emails from us that have been sent there. You may have received an email giving you further instructions on joining. If you didn't fill out the join form entirely (except for how you found out about Planet Mado), then I delete your join form without emailing you. If you fill out the join form with an invalid email, I delete the join form, and (obviously), don't tell you. And if its been over a week (seven days), and you haven't emailed me back to confirm your email address, then I delete your join form without telling you.

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