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If you want to become an affiliate of Planet Mado, here are the requirements:
1. You must have a layout almost as good as mine or better, amount of hits don't matter.
2. You must have great content, if you don't have a good enough layout, but have awesome content, than you will most likley qualify to be an affiliate.
3. My link on every page (not just a splash page, for example).
4. No more than two pop-ups.
5. No forced voting.

Here's what you get:
1. I place your link on each of my pages under the "affiliates" section.
2. If you need help with your web page in any way, ask me, if I can help, I will.
3. If you would like me to make an image or help make an image for you, I will help as best I can.

For a list of buttons, go to the Link to Us page. If you pass all of the requirements for affiliation, then go to the Contact Us page and copy/paste the following information:
Your Name:
Your Site's URL:
Your email address:
How You Found Planet Mado (optional):

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