Working on the Fighting System

June 29, 2015

I just noticed I haven’t posted an update in a while.

Currently I’m working on revamping the combat system.  We’re moving from a powerlevel only system (original Planet Mado rules) to a stat and powerlevel based system.  Basically what I’m going for is basic stats (right now it’s health, speed, stamina, ki and strength) that all add up to a total powerlevel, and then using your total powerlevel to give certain bonuses (IE +damage).  I’m planning on making ki a stat you can raise and lower (charging your ki), which will control your total powerlevel.  Ki will determine ki blast attack damage, strength will determine physical attack damage, and then total powerlevel will give a bonus on top of that.

Speed will effect chance to hit/dodge of course, and stamina will be used for defense.  Right now I’m thinking stamina will increase the amount of damage you block, and maybe give a bonus to dodge chance, and probably it will give an overall damage reduction.

I don’t have exact numbers or formulas worked out yet, but I won’t know exactly what I want until I have everything implemented and we can test.  So you guys might see some ridiculous numbers and bugs (more than usual).

Scouters & Training

June 14, 2015

Scouters (and the Android (Absorb) ability, Power Keisoku) now have the same functionality as Detect Powerlevel.  You can Use Item -> Scout Area (or Use Ability -> Power Keisoku) and click anywhere to get a powerlevel reading of the four directions around you.  I do plan to add a bit more to this later, just like with Detect Powerlevel (longer range, detection of buildings and entrances to different areas that are in the same tile as you).

Training I’ve only changed slightly.  Now there are only two options, 1 hour or 6 hours.  Fighting now resets your training timer to six hours (can’t self train for six hours after fighting).

Detect PL & Block Updates

June 12, 2015

I’ve changed detect powerlevel so you can now use it to sense energies within one block of your character.  I’m probably going to modify it a bit to give more information and a bit longer range.

The block updates are just changing the chances.  The base block chance is now 75% to block with one arm (25% damage reduction) and 40% chance to block with both arms (50% damage reduction).  I still need to add in the dialogue for blocking so you know if you blocked with one arm or two.


June 9, 2015

I changed the way resting works.  The base is 10% of your base power level is healed every six hours.  So if you don’t fight/train/etc for 6+ hours you get automatically healed a bit.  12 hours is 20%, 18 hours is 30% and so on.

Saiyans get 15% healed, and half Saiyans 12% every six hours.

These numbers work out to basically the same as the previous resting system (3 days = full heal), just broken down into six hour increments.

Late Update

June 5, 2015

I’ve been playing so much DB Xenoverse lately that PM’s been on my mind. I went through some of the code and messed around with my own character and kind of realized there really isn’t much left to do on the automation part, or at least outside of bug fixes.

So sometime soon I’m gonna delete the players currently added. If anyone still has any interest in this, then just send me a private message with your character’s name/password/race and I’ll add it. This is only for vets by the way. I don’t want to risk letting just anyone play since the code probably isn’t 100% secure.