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Welcome to Planet Mado, a Text Based Online Dragonball Z RPG

Introduction to the online DBZ RPG

Welcome to Planet Mado, the most unique online Dragonball Z (DBZ) role-playing game (RPG) on the internet. Planet Mado was originally created in the year 2000 by Mado and Dast. Since then it has evolved into what you see now. There are many unique features in this DBZ RPG. The biggest is our Auto-Updating System ™. This allows players to increase their stats with the simple click of a button. The other is that we do not allow players to see other players' stats. This DBZ RPG is also played much differently than any other. It resembles more of a modern MMORPG than the traditional message board-style RPG most people are used to.
So join today and start exploring Planet Mado's unique Dragonball Z universe and to compete in our contests, where you can not only win prizes for your in-game character, but real-life prizes as well, such as gift cards to popular stores like Amazon.com!

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